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Congratulations Winner,

We are happy to congratulate you for winning the Mega Millions Lottery after a successful completion of the fourth category draws of the Mega Millions Lottery, all participant's Mobile numbers in this year's lottery program were selected randomly through a computer ballot system, drawn from 85,000.000 individual mobile phone numbers from all registered networks around the world.Your Mobile number was picked by the automated computer ballot system, which was programmed for this random selection. 

This random selection has eventually qualified you for this year Annual Mega Millions lottery win. You have therefore been awarded a lump sum pay out of Four hundred Thousand Great British Pounds in cash credited to file AUN009451 Which is the winning payout for  the 4th category winner. For further information, please email us E-mail: .

This promotional program takes place annually, and it's being promoted and sponsored by eminent personalities like, Warren Buffett, Lawrence Ellison, Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc. and With the support of other multinational companies in the UK and United States to encourage the use of Mobile phones and computer systems worldwide.

Ensure you provide the below information to enable us commence with the procession and payment of your won prize fund.

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Address:
4. City:
5. Occupation:
6. Nationality:
7. Sex:
8. Age:
9. Marital status:
10. Winning Mobile Number & Ref No:
11. Your Contact email:

Your Mobile number was attached in the 4th category which qualified your winning balloting ball numbers and fall in our European  regional center for procession. The prize fund is temporally deposited with our correspondent paying bank in Thailand for payout to the 4th category winner. 

Please ensure to come forward on time to enable the bank make the transfer before the last date for the remittance of this prize fund to you being the lucky winner.

For security reasons, we ask that you keep your reference number/award from public notice until your claim has been processed and the money remitted to your account as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking of advantage of this programs by people as it has happened in the past.

For this reason, this webpage was created for your personal winnings information's.

Should you have any inquiry, please contact us for proper directions.

Best Regards
Publication Department.
Mega Million's Lottery Company.